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    A luminous amber ale, with a white head, Father Hooks Best Bitter gives a big malty body with wonderful orange mamalade character. The malts are perfectly balanced with hop bitterness with additions of Bramling Cross and Colombus hops.  3kg ABV 4.5%. Makes a full 40 pints.

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    This Special Export Ale gives a smooth but strong malty ale with fruity notes and hints of vanilla and toast - the Triple Tykes Ale in the Bulldog Brew range of beers gives a premium beer with everything included to brew 23 litres of exceptional ale. ABV 5.4% Finishing hops Target/ Fuggles included.

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    Originally brewed as a Belgium Farmhouse beer during the winter months for drinking during the long hot summer, this Saison is a new spin on the old, keeping the Belgian yeasts but introducing the best of New Zealand hops to give a thirst quenching golden ale. Fully inclusive kit - makes 40 pints ABV 6.3% with nothing to add.

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    Rich and floral aromas, sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of ‘citrus’ hops embody this mouth-watering premium beer. A 5% special bitter style beer making 36 pints.

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We’re passionate about brewing our own…in fact we’re so passionate about it, we decided to start Dorset Homebrew just so that we could meet other like minded folk and ensure we had a constant supply of all our wine and beer making equipment!

Whether you’re a complete novice with a grape vine in your back garden, or a fanatic with your own micro brewery in the garage, we can supply all the equipment, ingredients and friendly advice that you need.

Brewing your own is not only more environmentally friendly and considerably less expensive than shop bought alcohol, it can also be a satisfying hobby that can be shared with friends and family alike

We hold stock from all major UK home brew wholesalers - Youngs, Ritchies, Hambleton Bard and Brupaks to name but a few.

Home brew kits are available from Muntons, Coopers, Woodfordes, Brewmaker, Youngs, John Bull, Tom Caxton and St Peters Brewery.

For all wine makers, we stock the ever popular Beaverdale, Kenridge and Californian Connoisseur ranges, in addition to Cellar7, Winebuddy, the full Cantina range, some Solomon Grundy and the Youngs definitive and country ranges.

We also hold a comprehensive range of homebrew equipment extras - valves, washers and spares for all barrels and fermenters, lots of additives for wine making eg. pectolase, citric acid and wine tannin, and dried ingredients such as sloes, elderberries, elderflowers, rosehips etc.

If you don't see an item or a kit  that you need please give us a call and we will be only too pleased to order in items that you require and can normally provide delivery within 5 days for any special orders.