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  • £685.00 In Stock

    The Grainfather, with Connect Control Box, is your all in one brewing system to make beer from grain. The sleek look, user friendly design, and innovative features, make this your perfect brewing companion for both new and experienced all grain brewers. It is made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel with a 30 L capacity, designed to make up to 23...

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  • £159.00 Out of stock

    This bundle includes a Still Spirits Air Still with a FREE Air Still Filter & 1.2L Collector. The fast and simple way to make Distilled water, Essential Oils. Fuel Ethanol and Alcohol* (see below), . *Please note that it is illegal to distil spirits in the UK without a licence, even if only intended for your personal consumption.

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  • £37.70 In Stock

    Insulated jacket for use with The Grainfather.

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  • £32.00 In Stock

    The Mangrove Jack’s Hop Spider keeps hops together during the boil. It can be used on all appropriate sized boil pots, including the Grainfather.

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  • £10.50 In Stock

    A spare 4 litre collection jug for the Smartstill. The SmartJug is used to collect the distillate from the Smartstill.

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  • £9.95 In Stock

    Essencia Digital Thermometer with Probe for measuring temperature of spirits, beer and wine.

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  • £7.20 In Stock

    Alcotec Pure Activated Karbon granules 1.7 litre pack. Activated Carbon of 0.4 - 0.85mm for the finest and purest filtration.

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  • £7.00 In Stock

    This is the Still Spirits Pure Turbo Pack for use with the Air Still or Turbo 500 Still, and includes one pack each of the following:Still Spirits Pure Turbo YeastStill Spirits Turbo CarbonStill Spirits Turbo Clear

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  • £6.95 In Stock

    Alcotec Karbon granules 1.7 litre pack. These granules are highly absorbent with impressive water and spirit treatment properties - ideal for filtration. Sufficient for 25 litres.

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  • £5.78 In Stock

    Alcotec Triple Still Extreme Purity Turbo Yeast - Makes 25 Litres of hyper pure alcohol. Based on similar techniques as the Alcotec 23% turbo yeast but is used for purity instead. Makes 14% alcohol in 7 days from 6kgs of normal sugar.

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  • £4.89 In Stock

    Alcotec 23% breaks the usual 20% ceiling and provides an extra high alcohol wash for distillation. Produces 23% alcohol using 10.5kg of brewing sugar. Please note you can NOT use normal sugar as alcohol levels will not be achieved. Contains added activated Carbon and Minerals/nutrients.

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  • £3.30 In Stock

    Alcotec 24 will ferment 6kgs of sugar in 25 Litres of water up to 14% in just 24 hours - an explosive fermentation!

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  • £3.25 In Stock

    A spirit alcohol meter is intended for use ONLY with spirits and/or the end product of distillation. It will not work with wine, beer, turbo yeast wash etc).  When floated in pure alcohol the meter will show the Alcohol by volume (ABV).  

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  • £2.95 In Stock

    Alcotec 48 is a dual turbo yeast. It can ferment 6kgs/25 Litres up to 14% in 48 hours or 8kg/25 Litres up to 20% in 5 days - you simply choose how much sugar to use.

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  • £2.75 In Stock

    Alcotec Vodka Star - designed for extremely pure fermentations. Produces 25 litres of 14% alcohol in 5 - 6 days.

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  • £2.25 In Stock

    The SmartCarbon pack contains 2 activated carbon granule sachets for use in the SmartStill post filtration system.

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  • £2.15 In Stock

    A pack of smartrings designed to reduce super heating when boiling. Reuseable - simply add to boiler at start, add water and distill as usual.

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items